A Penny For Your Thoughts - Mince a jejich popisky

10. dubna 2011 v 10:15 | Lady Malande
Všechny mince mají Item Level 1 a do jednoho slotu se jich vleze 20. Všechny můžete narybařit v Dalaranské fontáně, a když budete mít štěstí, dostanete Achievement.
Alonsus Faol's Copper Coin
"One day, I hope to spread the path of the Light to the common people and teach them the value of the Three Virtues."
Ansirem's Copper Coin
"I wish for happiness and acceptance for my daughter. She feels so out of place here..."
Attumen's Copper Coin
"Can I have a more comfortable saddle? My hindquarters ache."
Danath's Copper Coin
"I hope a troll dies, right... NOW."
Dornaa's Shiny Copper Coin
"I wish that that jerk Arthas would fall into a pile of magnataur doody!"
Eitrigg's Copper Coin
"May Tirion's quest here in Northrend end with success, or may he die honorably in battle."
Elling Trias' Copper Coin
"Being a rogue is hard work. Someday I hope to pursue my life's one true passion..."
Falstad Wildhammer's Copper Coin
"I hope I end up in another book eventually."
Genn's Copper Coin
"Pah, the fountains in Gilneas could grant ten times as many wishes as Dalaran's!"
Inigo's Copper Coin
"I wish I had my father back..."
Krasus' Copper Coin
"My prayers go out to my brothers and sisters who still suffer in the heart of Grim Batol. I WILL free them."
Kryll's Copper Coin
"Boom. Now boom? I wish for a boom. Boom go! This coin must be broken, I wonder if it'll explode."
Landro Longshot's Copper Coin
"I wish I'd kept that coin..."
Molok's Copper Coin
"Just once -- that's all I ask for, just once -- let the lass ride with me..."
Murky's Copper Coin
"I wish the water in Northrend wasn't so cold, it makes me sleepy."
Princess Calia Menethil's Copper Coin
"I hope that handsome nobleman Lord Prestor notices me! He's so dreamy!"
Private Marcus Jonathan's Copper Coin
"I wish to grow a glorious, bushy mustache someday."
Salandria's Shiny Copper Coin
"Someday, I'm gonna be more powerful than all of these mages!"
Squire Rowe's Copper Coin
"I hope I can get transferred out of Stormwind eventually and see Cersei again. Nothing good ever happens in this city."
Stalvan's Copper Coin
"You mages refuse to provide me that which hastens the inevitable fate of two people in love, when only one is too naive to see it. I wish you all ruin."
Vareesa's Copper Coin
"Asto're da shan're. Turus Fulo Il'amare, A'Talah Adore. Isera'duna..."
Vargoth's Copper Coin
"I wish Captain Sanders would hurry up with my shipment of wine."
A teď jedna mince, kterou nepotřebujete pro Achievement, ale mě se jí podařilo chytit, tak jí sem přidávám.
A Footman's Copper Coin
"Wish I had that cousin of mine's duty to do nothing more than lug wood around carelessly..."
Tento Achievement jsem dala 9.4.2011 Docela fuška :D

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Jsi tu?Pokud ano,pls klik.

Ano=KLIK :)

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