Listopad 2011

Návod na levelování cooking skillu od 1-300 Horda Verze

25. listopadu 2011 v 12:59 | Lady Malande |  World of Warcraft
Předem upozorňuji, že toto není můj návod, okopírovala jsem ho z Wowheadu. Je od uživatele zaber a já ho sem dávám jen proto, abych ho potom nemusela hledat... Jinak, možná udělám překlad těchto jednoduchých pokynů.

Skill-up from 1 to 300+ Cooking Skill with nothing but the Pilgrim recipes (Horde version)

1.) Start off at the Pilgrim's Bounty Vendor ( Dalni Tallgrass ) at the area outside Orgrimmar
2.) Purchase the Bountiful Cookbook to get all the recipes you need to skill from 1 to 300
3.) Buy the mats and cook 85 x Spice Bread
4.) Buy the mats and cook 80 Spice Bread Stuffing
5.) Talk to the cooking trainer in that area ( Ondani Greatmill ) to learn Journeyman Cooking skill
6.) Go to Undercity
7.) Accept and do the Sharing a Bountiful Feast quest
7.) Accept Spice Bread Stuffing quest
8.) Cook your remaining 5 Spice Bread stuffing to complete that quest
9.) Turn in the Spice Bread Stuffing quest
10.) Accept the Pumpkin Pie quest
11.) Accept the We're out of Cranberry Chutney quest
12.) Buy enough pumpkins to cook 100 Pumpkin Pie
13.) Learn the Pumpkin Pie recipe and cook Pumpkin Pie until you hit 150 Cooking skill
14.) Talk to the cooking vendor in the area ( Roberta Carter ) to learn Expert Cooking
15.) Continue to cook more Pumkin Pie until you hit at least 160 cooking skill
16.) Learn the Cranberry Chutney recipe that you got from the Bountiful Cookbook
17.) Now would be a good time to either go do The Turkinator achievement or at least go kill some Wild Turkey in Tirisfal zone to get the Wild Turkey that you will need for the highest level cooking recipe.
18.) Once you have 100 Wild Turkey in your bags, go to Orgrimmar.
19.) Turn in the Pumpkin Pie quest and accept the Cranberry Chutney quest.
20.) Also accept the Can't Get Enough Turkey quest
21.) Cook enough Cranberry Chutney to get to 200 Cooking Skill
22.) Talk to the cooking Trainer in the area ( Ondani Greatmill ) and learn Artisan Cooking
23.) Continue cooking Cranberry Chutney until you reach 220 cooking skill
24.) Learn the Candied Sweet Potato recipe that you got from the Bountiful Cookbook.
25.) Make sure you still have enough mats to make 20 Cranberry chutney in your bags, but don't cook them now.
26.) Go to Thunder Bluff
27.) Turn in the Cranberry Chutney and accept the Candied Sweet Potatoes quest
28.) Accept the Easy as Pie quest and turn it in right away (you should still have about 80 Pumpkin Pie in your bags from before).
29.) Buy mats to cook 100 Candied Sweet Potato
30.) Cook Candied Sweet Potato until you reach 280 Cooking skill
31.) Learn the Slow-Roasted Turkey recipe that you got from the Bountiful Cookbook, but don't cook them yet.
32.) Go to Orgrimmar
33.) Turn in the Candied Sweet Potatoes quest and accept the Undersupplied in the Undercity quest
34.) Cook enough Slow-Roasted Turkey to complete and turn in the Can't Get Enough Turkey quest.
35.) You should now be at 300 cooking skill (Grats!).
36.) If you are able to, now would be a good time to go to either Dalaran or Outlands and get your Master Cooking skill so you continue to get skill-ups.
37.) Go to Undercity.
38.) Turn in the Undersupplied in the Undercity quest and accept the Slow-Roasted Turkey quest.
39.) Turn in the We're Out of Cranberry Chutney quest
40.) Turn in the She Says Potato quest which should earn you the Pilgrim's Progress achievement.
41.) Cook a minimum of 5 Slow-Roasted Turkey
42.) Go to Orgrimmar and turn in the Slow-Roasted Turkey quest which will get you a Turkey Caller that will call a Lonely Turkey (you can kill the Lonely Turkey and get a Wild Turkey that can be cooked, but killing the Loney Turkey will NOT count as a kill for The Turkinator achievement.)
43.) If you are at least level 70, you can start doing the Daily Cooking quest in Shattrath City. These dailies are a good way to get more recipes, additional cooking mats (without having to kill stuff), and a few special recipes like the recipe for Stormchops or Chocolate Cake. The Shattrath City daily cooking quests have a minimum requirement of level 70 and 275 Cooking skill.
44.) Once you get to 350 Cooking skill (also need a minimum of level 65 and access to the NPC in Dalaran) you can start doing the WotLK Daily Cooking quests